12th event

05 Nov

On Saturday the 5th, Field of Life team welcomed November, with a day dedicated to Elementary students.

As with all our events, students were able to participate in athletic, cultural and educational programs.

Our November programs began with a wonderfully warm and sunny day, starting the month with ideal conditions for our events! Children had fun playing basketball while learning the importance of teamwork. Through our unique program called "Minetower," children learned to communicate with each other, they gathered clues and built the highest tower that led them to success only by working together!

This Saturday, we welcomed new programs along with returning loved ones! Students transformed themselves into “environmental heroes” participating in a secret mission of saving the planet. They created their own puppets and participated in extraordinary experiments! Among them, they took part in a theatrical game that triggered their fantasy and artistic side!

Along with the programs specifically designed for children, Field of Life team had also prepared adult enrichment programs for parents! Parents attended with great interest an anti-bullying presentation and took part in a first-aid training seminar.

Last but not least, during the break, we offered all kids a healthy lunch box and juice. Everyone received a special gift, to remember Field of Life's experience. Coach Panagiotis Giannakis talked to the kids about his childhood in Nikaia, about their inner strength and the way they can fulfill their dreams.

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Field of Life is powered by a founding grant from Stavros Niarchos Foundation.