4th event

02 Apr

On April 02, 2022, first, second and third Elementary School graders were introduced to Field of Life's programs at the 10th Elementary School of Nikaia.

"It was the best day of my life", said a girl from third grade, describing the way she enjoyed a very special Saturday! Kids' excitement was beyond any expectation. Field of Life's programs were adapted to the respected age groups and every kid enjoyed an event full of creativity and fun. Kids played basketball and danced, they dressed up as detectives to discover the history of Mona Lisa, learned how to build their own robots, created their handmade puppets and once more they were introduced to the value of teamwork with the innovative Mine Tower game.

Our programs were based on the three pillars of Field of Life: Sports, Education and Culture, that lead to a complete character building, since our goal is not only to offer to the kids the opportunity to discover their talent but also to help them shape their character while they enjoy themselves!

After the conclusion of the event, Coach Panagiotis Giannakis talked to the kids about their inner strength and about this "little figure", that appears to their mind in order to distract them from their goals. Kids listened carefully to the Coach and expressed their questions.

During our event, parents had the chance to learn everything they wanted about Field of Life's hub that is going to be built in Nkaia from our COO Dimitris Giannakakis and psychologist Dimitris Petrounias taught them everything they need to know about safe internet browsing.

Field of Life is powered by a founding grant from Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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