Back to School: Tips & Tricks for kick-starting the new school year.

Sep 16, 2022

Summer is over. The beginning of the new school year is not always easy, for both kids and adults!

Field of Life proposes some tips and tricks for a smoother transition to the school routine.

How to manage children’s feelings?

Stress, impatience, and enthusiasm are all emotions manifested at the beginning of the new school year. What is important is to reassure the children that the manifestation of such emotions is perfectly normal, showing them that we, as parents, are beside them every step of the way.

After all, they are not the only ones who find it hard to adapt to a new routine. Everyone, whether a kid or an adult, tends to feel nervous on the idea of a new beginning.

Planning & rewarding

The beginning of the new school year also marks the start of responsibilities for the children. In order for the kids to better adapt to the new school routine, parents are advised to stand by their side using creative and resourceful ways.

Designing a weekly schedule with your child, taking into consideration their thoughts and concerns, can work as a compass that will guide them on every step. Cooperation is the basis for a constructive relationship.

A detailed schedule that will present all daily activities will help children to understand what they need to do during the day.

Do not forget to share common objectives in the schedule. Rewarding in achieving daily goals gives children great confidence, thereby strengthening their chances of success in the future.

Understanding, organizing & rewarding are key words for starting the new school year.


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* We want to thank Dimitris I. Petrounias - Clinical Psychologist, for his scientific contribution to our article.


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