Field of Life's innovative programs are designed to offer the kids the stepping stone, in order to develop healthy lifestyles and reach their dreams.



Carving out a new generation

Our sports programs are designed to develop exercise, remove anxiety and encourage the kids to a productive utilization of their free time, through activities that are enhancing, at the same time, their social skills. Football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track and field, climbing and more sports will be available to our modern and safe facility in Nikaia, always under the guidance of the proper instructors. Sports are a vital part of the activities we are organising in the schools of Nikaia and soon will be available for other regions.



Strong players to the field of their life

We offer educational programs that allow the kids to "unlock" new ways of thinking and learning. In Field of Life, education goes together with fun and in our specially designed learning rooms, every kid will be introduced to new areas of knowledge that will help it in the rest of its life. Robotics, programming, music production, podcasting, mechanical classes and many more, will be offered in the programs of our hub. During the events we are organizing, kids are exploring our educational programs.



Expression through art

We are paving the way for the kids' creative expression through arts. Photography, hip hop, music, painting, film direction, sculpture, make up, are only some of the artistic programs that will be included and can inspire every kid, depending on their interests.

Υγεία / Wellness


We create healthy lifestyles

Good habits, positive attitudes, healthy diet and mental balance! During Field of Life's activities, kids are being taught the values of proper diet and exercise, they learn to "listen" to their bodies and take care of themselves. Our programs are designed to help participants shape a proper lifestyle and maintain it for the rest of their lives.


Character and leadership

By teaching kids and adolescents responsibility and solidarity, we offer them the stepping stones for the critical decisions that they will make in their life. Every Field's of Life activities aim to help kids shape their character and receive all the supplies that they will need in the future.